We Make It Happen

Our work with Astro demonstrates our passion for building ongoing relationships to deliver ongoing content solutions for each audience. This project gives you a glimpse of our ability to build the right crew, for the right project, bringing together a talented team of creatives.

DoP – Barry Cheong
Food Stylists – Heather Shaw/ Marianne Wren
Director – Umar Syed
Agency – Blue Band Digital 

Your Goals Matter

Astro wanted to create high-end recipe video series, and we ensured that they were made according to the values and vision of their brand. We worked collaboratively with the client, and our friends at Blue Band Digital, to ensure that every element of the project was built according to Astro’s marketing goals.

We were also able to showcase our production know-how in a few core areas; French/English versioning, Motion Tracking VFX, and high-level colour correction.

Location Matters

We shot this series of work at the amazing Album Studio in Toronto. A large part of creating a solid food piece, is ensuring you have a great setting to compliment the work. We always develop a project with a good idea of how we are going to select and maximize each location.

We Love A Good Series

These days one video usually won’t cut it. Your audience is always hungry (sometimes literally) for more. We love to partner with each client to ensure that there is a strategic and cohesive plan to ensure a constant flow of engaging media, year after year.