Learn More About Our Project With Karry…

Sometimes a story just tells itself…

Karry Home Solutions is a family business focused on building one of kind custom kitchens for their clients. We were incredibly impressed by their dedication to quality and service, as they build fantastic relationships with each new client. This project allowed us to create and deliver a wide variety of supporting media as they launched their brand overhaul with Spin Design Solutions.


Agency: Spin Design Solutions
Director/Editor: Shawn Lovering
Production Assistant: Tara Kerr

Supporting videos

Sometimes one video just isn’t enough. This project allowed us to deliver a variety of work that helped launch the new Karry brand. Each video was created to help showcase a different aspect of the business. By delivering a wide variety of assets, Karry was able to spread out their campaign launch, releasing a new piece each month, helping stay top of mind with their growing audience.

Plain and Simple

Profile films tell a story, but sometimes the right solution is to just show the product. When partnering with a business like Karry, we create a plan that allows our client to demonstrate the core values and services that they offer their clients. Product reels provide a great opportunity to your audience exactly what you offer.

Social Proof

Let’s face it, testimonials matter. We specialize it capturing engaging and meaningful testimonials, which really help to humanize your service and provide a social context to your products and service.


With most projects we like to deliver teaser films that help draw interest and excitement leading up to the big reveal of a new brand, product or service.